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Do you have a story to tell? Let us help you tell it! Sorry, Please a storytelling show located in both St. Louis, Missouri and Cleveland, Ohio. The show is described as a cross between The Moth and Mystery Science Theater 3000. The live podcast recording pairs ordinary people and their stories with a cast of comedians and special guests who interrupt their stories and provide hilarious commentary. Previous episodes are available on iTunes and Google Play. If you're interested in being a storyteller on one of our upcoming events, please send your emails to 

Latest Episode

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Episode 55...

This episode was recorded at an event in Downtown St Louis called Art This Funny. It was part of STL Design Week. We didn't have a theme, but all the stories weirdly have something in common.

Jeremy and Kenny are joined on the panel by guest interrupter Eric Brown. Eric is a really funny comedian and the producer of Hootin' and Hollerin' Comedy Open Mic at TreeHouse, every Thursday at 8pm in St Louis.

Yale Hollander told a story about a former roommate from law school. Analicia Kocher told a story about a weird, drunk, elderly landlord. Travis Terell of We Are Live told a story about going on a cruise with his dad.

Past Episodes


Recorded live in St. louis

This one is all about siblings fighting siblings. Patrick Trowbridge joins the interrupters on the couch. It's him, Jeremy, and Kenny on the panel.

Mike Boyd of the Drunk & Nerdy Podcast tells a story about getting punched down some stairs. Hilarious comedian Eric Brown tells a story of apparently having some kind of superpower when he was a kid.


Recorded live in st. louis

This is the first half of our September show at Heavy Anchor in St Louis. Kenny and Jeremy were joined on the panel by Patrick Trowbridge. .

For storytellers, we have Jen Brown telling a story about her sister's pet chickens and Andrew Frank telling a few short stories about his sister.

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Show 'em comedy festival

This episode was recorded live at the first annual Show Em Comedy Festival in Columbia, Missouri. Kenny and Jeremy were on the panel, with special guest Lisa Pockets! Lisa is a really funny comedian from Columbia.

Storytellers included Greg Warren, Michael Yetman, and Patrick Mahon. All of it is really really great.