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Tis the season to be worried that dad's going to get drunk and fall off the roof. Got a great story about a Christmas day brawl? Did dad throw your Thanksgiving turkey in the street? Let us help you tell your story.

Join us for a live podcast recording.

As an added bonus, admission also gets you in to the B-Side's Christmas Dance Party!

Our guest interrupter is Accidental Comedy Club member Brian Kenny. Our storytellers include returning storyteller Deanna Asta, Accidental Comedy Club member Jimmie Graham and friend of the show Billy Stopczynski.

Good Riddance 2016 live recording: Dec. 28, 8 p.m. at The heavy anchor in st. louis  

Let's face it: 2016 sucked. Everyone cool died. No one cool got elected president. As we stare down doom and uncertainty, we here at Sorry, Please Continue... decided to throw a public exorcism for this terrible year. 

Join Kenny, Jeremy and Kris at The Heavy Anchor as they listen and interrupt some of St. Louis' most best storytellers talk about the worst year!


Recent Episode

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Recorded live in st. louis

This is part two of our live show recorded in mid-November at Foam in St. Louis' Cherokee Street arts district.

Kenny and Jeremy are joined by guest interrupter, comedian Andrew Mihalevich. Our storytellers for this half of the episode include Kristen Rasdall and Elizabeth Crawford. 


Past Episodes


Recorded live in st. louis


Happy sixtieth episode! This was recorded live at Foam Coffee & Beer.

Jeremy and Kenny were joined on the couch by the always hilarious Andrew Mihalevich.

We've got great stories from Hanna Streicher and and comedian Landon Meyer. This episode is a lot of fun.


Recorded live in st. louis

This is the second half of our TV taping at Foam.

Our three storytellers are returning champions and some of our favorites.

Zack Stovall tells a story about an awkward proposal. Improv genius Una McGarry tells a story about meeting a boy at a wedding, and our Fifth Beatle Rob T tells a story about his journey to the wonderful wizard of Oz.

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Recorded live in st. louis

This is the first half of our recent TV taping we did at Foam.

Patrick Trowbridge talks about peeing on things in college. Chris Cyr tells the tale of the first time he got drunk.

First time storyteller Monica Mileur tells a story about dating a skeezy guy.

The original interrupters Kris, Kenny, and Jeremy are the panel for this amazing show.


Recorded live in cleveland

Lindsey Brenkus is something of an anomaly. While she is known around Cleveland as an top-notch improv actress, she also started a successful business venture in her hometown that exists to this stay. Her story is mind-blowing.

Our second storyteller was a special guest. Akron comedian Eric Brewer lost his older brother in the weeks before this episode was aired. It's a raw interview that ends on a gracious and high note.


Recorded live in Cleveland

Aaron Sechrist an award winning graphic designer in Cleveland who goes by OK Pants. His brother Lee Sechrist is an amazing photographer, husband and father. 

They're as different as they are the same, such is the life of siblings. The brothers Sechrist are the first siblings on SPC to tell a story together, and it's a great one.

Tim and Christ are joined by Cleveland comedian and podcaster Sam Dee. 

COLLEGE 53.jpg

Recorded live in st. louis

Recorded at Art This Funny as part of STL Design Week. Jeremy and Kenny are joined by guest interrupter Eric Brown producer of the Hootin' and Hollerin' Comedy Open Mic at TreeHouse, every Thursday at 8pm in St Louis.

Yale Hollander tells a story about a former roommate from law school. Analicia Kocher tells one about a weird, drunken landlord. Travis Terell of We Are Live tells of a cruise with his dad.


Recorded live in St. louis

This one is all about siblings fighting siblings. Patrick Trowbridge joins the interrupters on the couch. It's him, Jeremy, and Kenny on the panel.

Mike Boyd of the Drunk & Nerdy Podcast tells a story about getting punched down some stairs. Hilarious comedian Eric Brown tells a story of apparently having some kind of superpower when he was a kid.


Recorded live in st. louis

This is the first half of our September show at Heavy Anchor in St Louis. Kenny and Jeremy were joined on the panel by Patrick Trowbridge. .

For storytellers, we have Jen Brown telling a story about her sister's pet chickens and Andrew Frank telling a few short stories about his sister.

COLLEGE 53.jpg

Show 'em comedy festival

This episode was recorded live at the first annual Show Em Comedy Festival in Columbia, Missouri. Kenny and Jeremy were on the panel, with special guest Lisa Pockets! Lisa is a really funny comedian from Columbia.

Storytellers included Greg Warren, Michael Yetman, and Patrick Mahon. All of it is really really great.