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SPC Storytelling Fundraiser for PRIDE in the Cle

Sorry, Please Continue...is holding a fundraiser for our friends with PRIDE in the Cle with the special topic "Coming Out." 

The show is Friday, May 26 at 8 p.m. at B-Side Arcade and Liquor Lounge (below the Grog Shop). Admission is $10 with half of the proceeds going to benefit PRIDE in the CLE

Our special guest interruptor is the very funny comedian Dwayne Duke. Storytellers will be announced later this week.

If you're interested in telling a story, please send an email to kwernowsky@gmail.com. 



Recent Episode

School 2.jpg

Recorded live in cleveland, ohio

Live from Cleveland, Ohio! It's stories thematically related to Trump's first 100 days! Lots of fear and failure, and it's all really funny. 

Our interrupters were Kris Wernowsky, Bridget Gibbons, and Ryne DiPerna.

Jeremy Sheer explained why you should never, ever, ever open up a comedy club. Joe Barone explains what happens when you convince yourself that you have an STD. Erin King spoke of a big failure made in the pursuit of chasing a college boyfriend. Ron Fatica tells a wonderful story about being a landlord in Little Italy.


Past Episodes


Recorded live in kirksville

The SPC St. Louis crew visited Jeremy's old college town of Kirksville, Missouri and came back with some great stories. The theme was COLLEGE, and the hilarious Ken Warner joined Jeremy and Kenny on the couch.

We have great stories by Alex Ward, Jesse Berger, Dr Jay Self, and Tom Lampe.


Recorded live in Cleveland

This epispde was recorded in Cleveland, with Jeremy, Kenny, Kris, and Tim taking turns on the couch.

We have awesome stories about breakups by Chad Weaver, Stephanie Super, Sam LaTourette, Lindsey Brenkus, and Detrick Payne. 

COLLEGE 53.jpg

Recorded live in st. louis

Angela Smith joins Jeremy and Kenny on the couch for the second part of this episode. 

Comedian Tom Brown tells a story involving 9/11 and foreign exchange students.

Sarah Pearl tells a series of short great stories about the people she's lived with.


Recorded live in st. louis


Recorded at The Heavy Anchor in St Louis, this episode features Kenny, Jeremy, and special guest Angela Smith.

We've got amazing stories from Hannah Streicher and Christine Compas. Come back next week for part 2.


Recorded live in columbus

This show features the 4 main hosts of the show, from both Cleveland and St Louis, on the couch interrupting. Kris, Jeremy, Kenny, and Tim on the same show together for the first time.

This episode was recorded in the back room at Defining Skin Tattoo Parlor in Columbus, Ohio. Telling stories we had:

Dustin Meadows of Whiskey Bear Comedy
Sarah Fulmer Host/Producer of Speak Easy
Meag Horn Producer of Speak Easy
A standup named "Pants"


Recorded live in cleveland

Recorded live in Cleveland, Ohio on inauguration night! Stories about the first time people did things.

Storyclub Cleveland's Dana Norris joins Kris and Tim on the panel of interrupters.

There are amazing stories from Bill Squire, Lindsey Brenkus, Marissa Lynne, Kevin Korvach, and Megan Erwin.