Episode 49: Sara Schaefer & Valerie Tosi at Nerdmelt

Holy crap (again), does this episode also has everything! Recorded live in front of an amazing audience at the world-famous Nerdmelt Theater in Los Angeles, but we had two very amazing storytellers/comedians on the show. First up is friend of the show and LA comedian extraordinaire Valerie Tosi who told an insane story about her neighbor in Koreatown. Check out her amazing LA-based comedy show The Mermaid Comedy Hour if you're in the city.

Our second storyteller was the always amazing Sara Schaefer, an Emmy-winning writer and former host of an MTV talk show with St. Louis' own Nikki Glaser. If you want to get a sense of how great she is, buy her new comedy album Chrysalis wherever great comedy albums are sold (after you listen to her on our podcast, of course)! Enjoy.

Episode 48: Dan st. germain & Ryan Dalton at Nerdmelt

Holy crap, does this episode have everything? Not only did we get to record this in front of a great audience at the world-famous Nerdmelt Theater in Los Angeles, but we had two very amazing storytellers/comedians on the show. First up is former Clevelander, current LA guy Ryan Dalton to told a very hilarious story about his experience with Vince Vaughn. Ryan is also the host of the LA version of "Comedians You Should Know." 

Our second storyteller was Dan St. Germain, a powerhouse comedian who writes on "Not Safe w/ Nikki Glaser" and recently appeared on @Midnight. Dan told a couple of crazy stories about leasing a car in LA and his trip to a comedy festival on a private jet with an Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker. When you're done listening to this episode, be sure to check out his podcast "My Dumb Friends."  

LA, Here We come!

We're so excited that we're doing a live taping of Sorry, Please Continue...at the world-famous Nerdmelt this Saturday in LA!. Our storytellers include some amazing friends we've made along the way in comedy including Sara Schaefer, Dan St. Germain, Valerie Tosi and Ryan Dalton. We're also expecting a few others to pop in, and maybe even a super-secret special guest! Doors open at 6:30 p.m. The show begins at 7 p.m. Get your tickets here!

SPC Guests copy.jpg

Episode 47: Summer Vacation

Join us in one of our first outdoor Sorry, Please Continue recording experiences as we talk about the wonders of travel and summer vacations. This episode marked one of the many final performances by beloved Cleveland comedian Yusuf Ali before he made his jump to Los Angeles. We also heard stories from Chad Weaver and Nancy Remley. Our guest panelist for this week's episode was Dana Norris, a tireless advocate for storytelling and host of the wildly popular Storytime, Cleveland. Enjoy!

Episode 46: Scary/Birthday

This week, STL Sketchpad creator Jason Flamm tells a story about getting freaked out by a movie when he was a kid. Check out his podcast Welcome Thru Effingham. Also, our Sixth Beatle Rob T tells a couple different stories about almost getting in fights because his dumb friend didn't know when to stop, and also a story where a bunch of people almost got shot.

Episode 45: Scary/Birthday

Holy crap this episode is great. We decided to have two themes on this show. The first, is "scary" for Friday the 13th, and "birthday," because it was co-host Kenny Kinds' birthday! Joining us on the panel this month was Amy Milton. our storytellers  2 themes: SCARY stories for Friday the 13th, and BIRTHDAY stories for Kenny's birthday. Brandon Judd tells a scary story and Jen Brown tells a story about a birthday. Both are fantastic.

Episode 44: Nerds part 2

This is the second part of our collaboration with Matt Rose from the very popular Drunk & Nerdy podcast. Our guest on this episode is D&N's very own Heather Harris who explores what it means to be both a nerd and a woman in the the world of nerds.


Episode 43: Nerds part 1

This week's episode has St. Louis SPC regulars Kenny and Jeremy teaming up with fellow podcaster Matt Rose from the very popular Drunk & Nerdy podcast. Our guests this week are mailman and St. Louis comedian Chad Wallace and noted street person Ella Frittz. These stories admittedly got a little strange, but they were entertaining nonetheless.  

Episode 42: nick vatterott & Ben Kronberg

This weeks episode finds the original SPC gang in Brooklyn's Union Hall interrupting stories by the wonderful Nick Vatterott and Ben Kronberg. The veteran comedians brought their weirdest stories about their time living in New York and what made them want to live in the greatest city in the world. Ben's story involves a rooftop party and lust. Nick's has a saxophone playing spaceman who works on the MTA. Special thanks to the great people at Union Hall for letting us bring the show there.

Episode 41: Alison lieby & mike lawrence

This episode was the first half of the SPC gang's trip to Union Hall in Brooklyn, New York. The topic was "New York." We asked our storytellers to tell us their weirdest, strangest, funniest stories about life in the greatest city in the world. You might know Alison Lieby from her work with The New York Times or her amazing standup comedy. Mike Lawrence is a writer on "Inside Amy Schumer" and is currently the start of his own Comedy Central Snapchat show "You're Wrong." In her story, Alison discusses being trapped on the floor of her apartment with no one to help. Mike talks about the time he pitched sex toys for comedy, and the other time he mad The Hulk cry. Special thanks to Union Hall for letting us do this recording!

Suicide squad, it's basically Taiwanese Parliament on C-SPAN:
Trill ass trailers

Kenny's back with another edition of Trill Ass Trailers. This week, Kenny reviews the third installment of the most recent reboot of this generation's version of DC comic book films, "Suicide Squad." If you're not familiar with this movie, it pits bad guys (and gals) against other bad guys (and possibly gals). The most talked about part of the film (aside from the fact that many scenes were re-shot because the movie was apparently too dark) is Jared Leto's take on The Joker. Rumor has it (and by rumor, we mean Jared Leto won't stop talking about it) that he went all Daniel Day Lewis in his approach to the character. He also made the character basically what you might find on the floor when the lights come up after a My Chemical Romance concert. Enjoy. 

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