About Sorry, Please Continue...

Do you have a story to tell? Let us help you tell it! Sorry, Please Continue...is a storytelling show located in both St. Louis, Missouri and Cleveland, Ohio. The show is described as a cross between The Moth and Mystery Science Theater 3000. The live podcast recording pairs ordinary people and their stories with a cast of comedians and special guests who interrupt their stories and provide hilarious commentary. Previous episodes are available on iTunes and Google Play. If you're interested in being a storyteller on one of our upcoming events, please send your emails to kwernowsky@gmail.com. 

About us

Jeremy Hellwig — Co-creator

Jeremy is a comedian from St. Louis. People say he tells a lot of “smart” jokes, but he isn’t quite sure what that means. He cohosts a storytelling show/podcast called "Sorry, Please Continue," cocreated a standup show that he is not allowed to perform on called "NO STRAIGHT WHITE GUYS," and cohosts a podcast called "Comedy vs Everything." Last year, he was selected for "Best of the Fest" at Big Pine Comedy Fest. He also occasionally writes dumb articles for the internet.


Kris Wernowsky is a journalist and comedian. While he got his start in comedy in the Panhandle of Florida, he eventually became a fixture of the St. Louis comedy scene, establishing some of the longest-running independent shows in the city. The storytelling/comedy hybrid Sorry, Please Continue...is both a popular live experience and a podcast run and recorded in both St. Louis and Cleveland. Kris and his partners and fellow comedians Kenny Kinds and Jeremy Hellwig plan to expand the show to other cities in 2016. 

Kris' comedy blends stories about his strange family, dating and racial issues of the 21st Century. His long career as an award-winning criminal justice journalist gives him a unique perspective on modern America. He's also made appearances on BBC, PBS News Hour, NPR, CNN, ABC Nightline and the CBS Morning Show. He currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio where he works as crime editor for cleveland.com and performs throughout the northeast.



Kenny Kinds is one of the co-host of SPC and a comedian from St.Louis, Mo. He's opened for Dave Chappelle, Hannibal Buress and Wyatt Cenac and travels around the Midwest reminding everyone he encounters that life is but a fleeting sad game.